Thursday, December 08, 2005

CSS2 Test Suite

Although it's a bit late, but i have just found it today (even though i have been searching it for long). The CSS2 Test Suite is now available (it's still in draft and it's not finished). You can try to use your favourite browser to test whether your browser supports many CSS feature as written in W3C standards?

I tested Firefox 1.5 and it works on most of the tests. This indicates a good sign for web developers, since they can try to use new CSS rules to be applied, mostly some CSS3 code which is now supported in Firefox 1.5. Opera have stated that they will comply to the standards and they have done it for the last 8.51 version (and maybe more on 9.0 version). Konqueror had also made their promises by fixing and applying the correct behaviour for CSS2 Standards (They have passed Acid Test also). Great job everyone....

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