Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mandriva 2006 December Edition

Mandriva has released another customized version of the latest Mandriva 2006 which is called "Mandriva-2006-december-club". It has included a new theme, special for winter events, GNOME 2.12 and also the latest version of OOo (i think it's 2.0, not 2.0.1). This version will be available on 6 CDs, just like PowerPack edition and it will contains more than 4300 packages including all the third-party commercial drivers and plugins.

Unfortunately, it will not be available for public consumption, only for Mandriva Club's user and it's a comercial services. To get "Mandriva-2006-december-club" - among other benefits - you have to be member of the Mandriva Club. Mandriva Club subscriptions start at 11 euros / 12 USD per month.

Since all the 2006 security updates and bug fixes are included, there's no need to reinstall them afterwards. The updated graphics server corrects most of the known issues in Mandriva 2006.

Here are some screenshots available:

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