Friday, December 09, 2005

Totally Beaten Up

Last night, i went to Markas and played pool with some of the bugils (bule gila) from my office. At first, i was pairing with Peter and versus Diana - Ki. We were beaten up 4-1. After that, they played with Mark and Roderick and i switched partner. I tag along with Liza and versus Ronny and Peter. At first, we were beaten 2 - 0, but at the end, we can won 5 - 3.

Yesterday was totally not my night. I couldn't focused at all and most of my shots were very inaccurate. Luckily our latest opponents did it also, so we can won. I'll challenge Ki and Diana again at Jogja or perhaps tonight and right now, i'm totally prepared, since yesterday i was quite confused with the training materials (about pointers and structure in C).

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