Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Going Back to Jakarta

Today i went back to Jakarta at 14.40 using Lion Air and it was quite a nice flight, although the weather was bad (yes... we had some vibration up there but it was normal in this situation). I got back using a taxi and i forgot to use Blue Bird taxi, so i had to pay a little bit more for that (the taxi driver was asking for some money because they were not suppossed to pick up a passenger while in the airport, but they can do it by using someone's help and they had to pay for that. The bad news was the bill was charged to the passenger). I already know about this because someone had already told me, but i totally forgot about this and i had to pay the price :(

It's how we live in Jakarta.... rough, tough, and everything is about money (sad to hear... but it's true)

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