Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hijacking Busway

No No No... i'm not a hijacker that you might think of. We are not actually hijacking the busway, but the road that busway used to have for their private road. Today, we went from our office to U-Smart office and it was a heavy loaded traffic jam, so when there's a chance to move to busway's road which is definitely faster, our driver took the chance (as there're more than 5 cars that did the same way) and we were driving away as the other cars stopped because of the traffic jam.

By the way, this is not my first experience, as i have experienced this before. It was back few months ago when i arrived at the airport from Jogja. I took airport bus and the way to Blok M (the last terminal) was very very crowded. So the police allows the airport bus to use the busway roads and we were very very fast and watching other people stucked at the road. It's like riding in the highway :)

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  1. Bersenang-senang di atas penderitaan orang banyak :)