Tuesday, November 11, 2008

960 MB

Well, that's the amount of my email usage currently (up to the time i post this) on my GMail account. There were 2189 email on trash which i hadn't deleted for some time. I believe it may reach 1 GB by the end of this year. Even though the quota growth are slowing down, it won't be a problem for me because my growth is slower than GMail's.

Nowadays, i never used email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, nor Thunderbird to download all my emails, because it would consume too much space on my system (except for my email which i got from my campus. I used pine and fetchmail to fetch those mail into my workstation). Also, i won't have problem when i had to go somewhere else and i don't bring my laptop because i can also access it via my mobile phone.

In the past, i used Outlook Express and Outlook (when i was working in Jakarta) and i had problem managing those emails when i had to go back to Jogja, because i had to syncronize all of them to make sure those email didn't get lost. Ahh.... it was the past. Now it's gone by time... big grin

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