Friday, November 14, 2008

Better Upgrade Mechanism

I have just upgraded Indonesian Linux Forum engine (phpBB3) to the latest version (3.0.3) which has just been released today. As always, i checked the changelog before i upgrade. phpBB offered several ways to upgrade the installation system. The preferred way is to use automatic updater which will look all your files, check the difference, and then merge them whenever possible. This feature is very handy and it has been improved since last update.

The new mechanism works better with modified file (mostly if we install MODs), so the upgrade process is slightly easier than before. In the past, i have to check all the MODs after upgrading, but now, i don't have to anymore, as the MODs are still preserved and the updater merged the new changes into the old one, so no full replacement needed.

Bravo and salute for the phpBB's developer. They have made their users easier by providing good upgrade mechanism.

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