Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not Enough Parking Space?

Today i went to Solo with my mother and my girlfriend. I was acting as a driver cool. She (my mother) was looking for a dress which she will use in my cousin's marriage next week in Semarang. We searched for several places in Solo and when i got into Solo Square, i found something which is strange for me.

So it started when i entered the building. As usual, the first place i was looking for was the parking space. I took the ticket from the machine and i went to the back of the building and decided to take the parking space on top of the building. The space was full, so the parking boy asked me to park somewhere near the exit area. I asked him if it was a parking area because people will use that road to get out of the parking area and he said it was OK. I thought it was a bad idea, because people's car may get scratched if another driver is not good enough to make a turn on that area.

If the parking area is full, then i suggest there are some notifications and don't use simple (and dangerous) way to get people's car parking not in the correct place.

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