Sunday, November 09, 2008

Wrong Prediction

This morning, i was planning to watch the latest movie of James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace. I watched the schedule this morning and the first schedule was on 10.30 AM. I went there around 10 AM and i was thinking that the queue won't be that long because in the past, 21 Cineplex opened at 10 AM and today is already the fourth day, so i am guessing that the audience will not be that much. I was WRONG!!!

When i got there, the queue was already lining up until it reached the elevator outside the 21 Cineplex area. Amazing!!!. When i watched Spiderman 3, the queue list didn't surpass the 21 Cineplex area, even though it almost did.

I guess i make a wrong prediction this time. So i finally decided to cancel it, because i heard that the tickets for 11 AM show were already sold out and at that moment, i'm still outside the 21 Cineplex area so that means that i will only get the night schedule and probably at the front seat, which is very uncomfortable. Probably next time i will go there earlier or i should just wait until next week and let's hope the viewer is less than this week big grin


  1. I saw the new 007 yesterday, it was Ok but nearly not as good as the previous.

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  2. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Don't waste your time. I watched it this afternoon - the girl (Olga) is nice, everything else is rubbish, from the title music (instantly forgettable) to the conclusion (lame)...


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