Monday, November 03, 2008

UKDW Japan Festival 2008

One year has passed since the first Japan Festival 2007 and this year, it's getting bigger with all the old and new events on the spot. Yes, it's UKDW's Japan Festival 2008 which will be held at 15-16 November 2008 at UKDW. The show will be held 12 hours non stop from 9 AM until 9 PM. The ticket price is IDR 7000 (early bid) and IDR 10.000 (during the show). Most event that day must be related to Japanese culture, so it's a very unique event. Go check it out.

This event was student's idea and they did most of the preparation by themselves. I hope this year will be better than last year which i couldn't attend, but i hope i can this year.


  1. halooo slam kenal tukeran link yukkk

  2. hallo broder mo share info nih...
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