Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sun Developer Day 2008

I have been invited to Sun Developer Day 2008, which i already stated on my previous blog. Today i went to Shangri La Hotel to attend the event. There i met with Alex, Kemas Antonius and several other friends who also attended the event. Actually i and Kemas already had an appointment to meet at JAX 2006, but we couldn't meet each other even though we both attend the event. Today, we meet and this is an unplanned situation. Probably something should not be planned first.

This year, Sun has picked up a theme as a flight to the dream technology. The ballroom has been decorated like an airplane which will take us (the first class passengers) to the future technology which was presented by the evangelists who had come from outside Indonesia for this event.

As you already know, i was awarded a Community Leader Award by Sun Microsystem for the Indonesian Native Lang for project. I received a plate with my name on it (Alex, photo please). There were other peoples who also received same rewards.

I must say the event was very nice, except for the consumption. There were no orders and most of the people (i'm one of them) who didn't get a chance to enjoy the meal at coffee break. I'm sure the organizer should think of this in the future.

Congratulations for the Sun Microsystem to hold this kind of event for four years in a row. Thanks also to the presenters, especially Chuk Munn Lee who have demonstrated a very nice presentation about RIA with JavaFX. I'm looking forward to attend next year event.


  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Sorry, I forgot tho leave my ID in the previous comment. It was me, Kemas. :)

  2. No problem. It was fun talking to you :)