Friday, April 17, 2009

Firmware Upgrade Successfully

I finally successfully upgraded my E71's firmware. After resetting several time due to lost connection with the phone during upgrading, i finally took the last option, reset to factory settings and guess what? It worked to fix my problem after upgrading my firmware laughing

So the problem lies during the upgrade. After the phone restarted, i couldn't see my firmware version along with other information with special number inputted on the phone (for example *#06# to see the phone's IMEI or *#0000# to see phone's firmware version). But now everything is working normally and i hope nothing will happened in the future praying

Btw, here are the changelog for the new firmware for E71 (210.21.006):
- Support for Searching Hungarian Double Consonants, from Easy Dial and Phonebook
- Reserved Homescreen Plug-in UIDs can now be given to partners


- Stability and functionality improvements
- Compliance with FM Radio band requirements for MEA/Tunisia

- Minor stability improvements


- Remote Denial of Service vulnerability fixed.
- Stability improvement in MMS.

- Minor stability improvements

- Stability and Minor Functionality improvement

- New DCC files – Functionality improvement

FS contacts

- Stability and functionality improvement

Share Online
- Minor improvements in functionality.
Thanks to NokiaAddict

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