Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Leaving for Semarang

Tomorrow, i will be heading for Semarang for a couple of days. As always, i wanted to give some earlier announcements so that people will not be disappointed when their emails are not replied for some time (i used to reply an email as soon as possible) or their request to join Indonesian Linux Forum is still in pending (i'm sorry for this as only admins can approve your requests) or your posting to some mailing list i created are still in pending (such as in ID-Slackware, but i have appointed two new managers, so i guess they will help you).

I still got a lot of work to do next week, so i must try to finish all the job i can finish this week, while i'm having quite a long holidays (Wednesday until Sunday). For now, most of my assignments has been evaluated, so i guess only material preparations that should be done this week big grin