Saturday, April 04, 2009

Liferea 1.6 is Coming

I have been a huge fan of Liferea, a simple RSS Reader for Linux/Unix platform. It's simple and the best thing it suits my need. Lately, i have been using the development version, 1.5.x. It's proven to be stable enough for me, but lately, they raised the requirements quite big. For example, they now require GTK+2 at minimum 2.16, SQLite 3.6.10 and above, Webkit 1.1.1 and above, and libsoup 2.26 and above.

Due to this constraints, i haven't upgraded my Liferea installation and i'm still at 1.5.14 even though the latest development version is now 1.5.15 and they are working on 1.5.16.

The good news is that Liferea 1.6 will come out shortly, which means the end of development cycle for 1.5.x version is coming to an end. Let's just hope they will have a good release on 1.6.x replacing the stable version 1.4.x.


  1. The dependency requirements are quite steep, but necessary and mostly caused by Webkit. I hope time will solve this bug this versions migrating into distros soon.

  2. yeah, i only had problems with GTK+2 as Slackware's stock is still using 2.14.x and 2.16 has just released few days ago, so it will take some time before 2.16 gets merged.

    BTW, where can i get WebKit 1.1.1? Is it the same with WebKitGTK? Because if i browse, i didn't see any 1.1.x version. They only got nightly revision.