Thursday, April 30, 2009

Upgrading to IE 8

Today i logged on to my Windows on my laptop because i have to do some preparation for tomorrow's class which (sadly) have to use Windows. Usually i always use Linux, but tomorrow's topic is about .NET.

I plugged the cable which connects my laptop to the Internet. After few minutes, a new notifications comes up to update my IE installation to the latest version, IE 8. This update come along with MS Office 2007 Service Pack 2, which is a cumulative updates since SP 1 being released. It has quite a big size, around 290 MB, so get prepared big grin. You also have to restart after the installation is finished, something that never happened before.

Next, i installed IE 8 which i have downloaded before and it asked me again to restart angry. It's wasting my time too much. Finally, after it booted up again, it loads the IE 8. In general, there hasn't been much changes in IE 8. But, when you look inside the application, many things have changed, for example better support for Web application spesification, such as CSS, HTML, XHTML, and many more. Looks like Microsoft has done some of their homework since IE 7 and so far, they are pushing it very nicely, even though i have to admit that Firefox will still be my favorite browser laughing

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