Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm Home

I've arrived safely here at Jogja after spending two days at Semarang. I had good time there (but without good Internet connection, so the best thing i can do is checking my FB and my GMail account). It's a good opportunity to meet my cousins and also Raphael, our newest member of my family. He is the son of my older cousin.

I'm also taking the chance to take my new WD Passport portable HD which i have bought few weeks ago. It was sent to my uncle in US and then my cousion who went there brought it back to Indonesia and his mother brought it back to Semarang (complicated huh?). Why would i bought it from the US site? (i choose Dell at that time). Because it's way cheaper then i bought it in Indonesia.

Besides WD Passport, i also took my new phone, E71, which i bought also from my cousin who brought me the WD. It's a very cool phone, but i haven't learned all the new features, because it has LOTS of new features which i never used before. My current phone has been accompanying me for the last six years. It's still in the good shape with very little scratch on the casing, but i think it's time to move along and finally i decided to pick E71 after Telkomsel announced the crazy prize for IPhone 3G.

Oh well, my emails are waiting to be replied, so i'll just stopped for now laughing