Thursday, August 20, 2009

Introduction to Linux

Today i gave a small introduction about Linux to new students. There were about more than 80 students who went into my session (actually there were two sessions and the other one is about Flash and animation) and some of them were not from computer-related faculty.

At first, i was kinda worried that new students won't get too attracted, but after looking at the first ten minutes, they were kinda interested so i was relieved and quite happy with it. Some students asks for questions and i think some of them are willing to try Linux on their new laptop/PC.

Introducing Linux as early as possible is an important step for students, since they must realize that operating system is not just limited to Windows. There are other operating systems which are better than Windows and Linux is one of them. What's good about it is that Linux is free (not in the context of price, but freedom). I have also expressed this to my students, so they don't get a wrong perception about "free".

We will have more event in the future related to Linux and Open Source, so stay tuned guys big grin