Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Taxi Driver Holds a Ph.D

This is a story about Dr. Mingjie Cai who have been working 16 years as a PI (principal investigator) in Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) of ASTAR, Singapore and got dumped out of his job (without any compensation) and now he's working as a taxi driver to earn something for living. What a pity right? That's for real.

He holds a Ph.D honor from Stanford and he's probably the only taxi driver in the world who owns a Ph.D degree.

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It also appears in Straits Times


  1. The Straits (selat) Times kali, hehehe. Kalo Straight Times kesannya kayak koran khusus buat org2 yg non-gay, hehe.

  2. Thanks for the correction :)

  3. In Europe, we have lots of immigrants as Taxi drivers. E.g. many Turkish taxi drivers in Germany, while most are from Pakistan in Norway. Some of these are highly educated, but they don't have a chance to work in their profession, because their education is not considered valid where they live. So I'm sure there are quite a few taxi drivers, cleaning personnel, fast food vendors... with a PhD in the world!