Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Improvement on Next Skype

Skype has rolled out their Skype 2.1 beta release which incorporates many new features. This is good news, as some people said that Linux version of Skype was lacking compared to Windows version.

Here are some new feature in the latest Skype 2.1 beta release:
  • High Quality Video support
  • Skype's SILK audio codec
  • PulseAudio support
  • SMS sending support
  • Chat messages editing/removing support
  • Contact groups support
  • Typing notification in chat
  • Chat picture support (add/change/remove) for group conversations
  • Mood messages are visible in contact list and tooltip
  • Video/Mobile icons are visible in contact list
  • Bookmarked Chats are visible in contact list
  • Contact labels/tags
There are still many improvements which are listed on the Developer's Release Notes, so if you are interested, go get it and test it big grin

Remember that this is still in BETA version and many known bugs have been spotted and also listed on the Release Notes, so if you are looking for a stable version, stick with 2.0.x for now.