Saturday, August 22, 2009

Send SMS via Pidgin

Good news everybody. Now, Pidgin 2.6.0 and above will be able to send SMS messages and it's working in Indonesia also. At first, i thought it will only work in some countries (excluding Indonesia), but in fact, i just tried to send it to my own number (i'm using Telkomsel's Simpati card) and it's working.

I received a text message from 4246002 and i think it's the global carrier. It will have the format nickname: text message.

If you want to send text message via Pidgin, use Buddies > New Instant Message. Enter your buddie's phone number in form of
+<country code><phone number>
For example: +62123456789

Thanks to Sulabh Mahajan who implemented this feature on Pidgin 2.6.

We are looking for more features in Pidgin love struck

PS: i only test it on Telkomsel. You might try to test it on other operators.

Update (8:44 AM): It works on XL and Three (3). Thanks to Regina
Update (8:47 AM): It works on IM3. Thanks to Bobby
Update (8:54 AM): It works on Mobile-8 (Fren). Thanks to my Mom
Update (9:24 AM): It works on Indosat. Thanks to my Feha


  1. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Sepertinya cuma untuk akun Yahoo! ya Mas, saya coba pakai akun bonjour gak bisa

  2. saya cuba ke no im3-ku gak berhasil; ke no xl temen juga gak; tapi ke beberapa no telkomsel lancar
    err-nya :
    [kirim ke no XL] :
    Cant send SMS, Unable to obtain mobile carrier

    [kirim ke no im3] :
    Nomor ini telah memilih untuk tidak menerima pesan teks.

  3. saya cobain bisa tuh
    mungkin nomor tertentu aja yg gak bisa atau emang dia minta untuk tidak diaktifkan sms internasionalnya

  4. wah pidgin semakin mantabs saja... thanks to the develop.. go opensource..

  5. permisi mo tanya neh mas saya pake pidgin 2.5. cara updatenya gimana di ubuntu 9.04?

    trims sebelumnya

  6. pake sudo apt-get upgrade-all

  7. wah, udah gak bisa ya mas..
    barusan saya coba ke indosat ..tapi ada error nya