Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chinatown in Ketandan

As always, Chinese New Year is always celebrated in many places, including Jogja. For the last several years, Jogja always held a mini Chinatown in Ketandan (near Melia Hotel) to held a Chinese New Year celebration.

This year, the celebration was held since 23 - 28 February 2010. I was lucky enough to visit there tonight and to see my girlfriend sang on the event because she was asked to give a contribution by singing.

There were so many foods on this area and what i saw is that the booth were getting much bigger and bigger in terms of number. That's because the event took place in more alleys than before, so more booth can join and make this event much more spectacular.

You can attend the last two day and probably you can also see fireworks at the last day. Go visit it or you will have to wait until next year Rolling