Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Playing With BT4

I have been using BT 3 for a long time and i'm quite satisfied with it, since it is a complete Linux distribution for penetration testing purposes, which is required for my CEH classes. Most of the tools described in CEH are already included in BT 3. Besides, BT 3 are Slackware-based, which means i'm used with it, since my primary operating system is now Slackware (good bye Windows Wave).

Ever since the developer of BT are planning to switch to Ubuntu-based, i kinda feel disappointed (and i believe many of BT users did too), but there's nothing we can do about it. So when the final version of BT 4 comes out, i keep downloading it both the full ISO or the VMWare image.

Last night, i tried to use the VMWare image on my vmware application, because my student who tried it said that it was very slow and the ethernet card wasn't detected on his laptop. I'm so curious about it and give it a try. I extracted my image which is compressed using zip and then load it onto VMWare and the system started. It was configured to have 768 MB as the RAM, which i think sufficient as it still uses the old KDE 3.5.x and it has been reduced to minimum to provide faster access to the desktop itself.

I have no problem running it at the first time and it's still as fast as BT 3. The changes from Slackware to Ubuntu is not very significant in my opinion. In fact, i am quite happy with how easy for BT 4 to upgrade it's packages by just running
sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade

about the ethernet card, i just ran dhclient eth0 and it will receive an IP address and it will get connected to the Internet at no time. I wonder why the developer didn't use DHCP as the option for BT 4.

By the way, Back Track Linux has a new web page, so you should visit the new page instead of the old one. BT 4 is also able to be installed on your USB stick. Please check the tutorial page for more information about this


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