Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine and Chinese New Year

Happy Valentine day and also Chinese New Year to all of you who celebrate it. It's so rare to have this two events on the same day, but today is the day and according to some source, it will happen again in the next 38 years, so i will be 64 years old by that time, so i'll enjoy the moment where i can enjoy it today.

It's been a great day and in the end, i got a very pleasant gift from my girlfriend. She bought me a 6x6x6 rubik cube so i can play with Yahoo. I bought her a neclace which has a watch on it and also it has 4 GB of flash disk inside it, so perfect combination. I bought it from a Hongkong site on the Internet and the price wasn't too expensive, so it's worthed to have it. I will probably buy again from the same shop for her birthday soon Big Boss

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