Monday, February 15, 2010

Windows Update Caused BSOD

Last Tuesday, Microsoft released 13 patches to fix many problems on Microsoft's product, mainly Windows. This batch of updates also fixed an old time bug which has been known (but still unpatched until today) for 17 years old (yes, 17 years).

After updating to all of the patches, some users reported that they encountered a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) which caused their computer unusable. They couldn't even entered a safe mode, so they ended stop using their computer.

If you happened to experience the same problem, you may want to visit Microsoft Forum and you will see the solution to this problem which i will post on this blog also.

So, basically this is what you should do in order to fix your computer (credit goes to the writer, Kevin Hau, which is the moderator for Microsoft Forum):

1. Boot from your Windows XP CD or DVD and start the recovery console (see this Microsoft article for help with this step)

Once you are in the Repair Screen..

2. Type this command: CHDIR $NtUninstallKB977165$\spuninst

NOTES: no spaces between them all except for CHDIR and $NtUninstall...

3. Type this command: BATCH spuninst.txt

4. When complete, type this command: exit

IMPORTANT: If you are able to uninstall the patch and get back into Windows, in order to stay protected you can use the following automated solution which secures your PC against the vulnerabilities that are resolved with KB977165 until you can successfully get the update installed without the blue screens.

Please see the link below for the article describing the vulnerability that is fixed with KB977165 and how you can get protected without installing the actual KB update: