Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Got Google Buzz

When i logged in to my GMail account, i got a new notification saying that i already have a chance to enable Google Buzz on my GMail account. Of course i activate it since i'm a bit curious about it. After i enable it, there's a new option called Buzz under Inbox link on the left side of my account and i can add many sites which relates to me so that my post from every site i added will be available on my buzz.

IMHO, Google Buzz is working like Google Wave + Google Reader combined as one application and integrated in GMail. It's a place where you can share everything with others, but in terms of social networks. You can add Twitter and Flickr (besides Google's site such as Blogger and YouTube), but not yet for Plurks. I'm waiting for Plurk to be added to Google Buzz as it's my favorite social network site for now.

Oh well, as always Google always put something interesting on each of it's products Yahoo

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