Monday, February 22, 2010

Time Management

What i learn from my student's posting at Plurk is that most of them are too busy working on the assignment given to them by the lecturers. Before this semester started, i have given a warning about how much classes should they take. We even already have a guidance book, but it's rarely be read or even opened. In the end, they got frustated because the assignments are coming in almost every week.

It's a consequence of trying to finish the study as fast as they can, but they will gain nothing from it. This is a paradigm that happened nowadays. Students wanted to take as much as possible, without looking whether they can get benefit of it or not. The main focus is take the class and don't care if they even get a knowledge or not. What a shame Doh

If you know what's the risk are, then what you need is a good time management, so that you can have time to finish all the assignments given to you. Start managing your time or you will be frustated with all the assignments Devil


  1. Win back precious time For yourself by having good time management...

    thanks for posting this =)

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