Monday, March 29, 2010

Empire XXI Disappointments

Just to be honest, i was happy when i heard there would be a new movie theater in Jogja and that hope comes to reality when Empire XXI started their business. People enjoyes this new theather since we can enjoy a new place and also M-TIX ready, so we don't have to stand in line for queue for the tickets.

But i'm also quite disappointed how they manage the movie that are played on the theater. Many good movies are not being played or they are way so late compared to theaters in other cities. I just don't know how they choose the films that will be played on the theater.

Let's took an example of the latest film that is played in Empire XXI lately. It's Ink Heart and Disaster Movie. That film has been available since 2008 and it's being played now at 2010 Big Eyes. Can you imagine that? It's two years late!! No wonder my students was surprised when he saw that there were only four people watching one of these movies. It's been two years since people have seen it on DVD or by downloading it from the Internet.

Hope they read this and change how they can stay up to date with movies played in Jogja Goodluck