Monday, March 22, 2010

Wonderful Trip

I just had a wonderful trip to Surabaya and Prigen, but i would like to focus on the Prigen area since Surabaya is already well-known to most people. The reason why i go to Prigen is to accompany my girlfriend's mother to attend a classmate reunion. The reunion was held in Royal Senyiur Hotel, a very luxurious hotel located in Prigen, near Tretes. It's located around one hour from Surabaya and the location is higher than any local places. It's almost like Kaliurang if it's in Jogja. Thus the weather was cooler than Surabaya (that's one of the good news).

This hotel has a lot of facilities, such as nice swimming pool, gym, table tennis, jogging tracks, karaoke room, bilyard, volleyball, basketball, and also outbound. Too bad i only stayed there for one night only, so i only have a chance to try the bilyard and basketball. They also have a mini car (like what we saw in a golf court) which we can rent to take a view of the hotel surroundings which is magnificent. Check out the Photo Gallery if you want to have a better look on it's facilities (requires Flash).

I stayed on Princess room which was very large and it can hold up to five person with two extra beds (actually it can be more than just five, but we were only five). From the window, you can see the surroundings of the hotel which makes it very nice view in the morning.

Royal Senyiur has a Facebook and Twitter account, but the Twitter is not updated anymore i guess.

On Sunday, i went back to Surabaya and then heads back to Jogja with a train (it took about five hours) and it was very cold. Thanks to my girlfriend who brought the small blanket which i can use Heart Beat. It was a very tiring schedule and i hope i don't get sick since today, my classes starts again.

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