Thursday, March 04, 2010

Slackware-Current on Laptop

OK, now my laptop has been running Slackware-Current, except that it still uses the old XOrg Server packages, due to problem with the KMS (i hate this). I have installed the kernel module which will enables me to disable the NVidia Card since it's not yet supported (GPU Switching). I hope it will be available on Linux Kernel 2.6.34, which has been started by Linus few days ago by releasing 2.6.33 and that means opening a merge window for 2.6.34.

I also compiled a new kernel, since i had problems with It has a very low performance on copying files to another flash disk on EXT4. When i saw the Changelog for, i realized that this version has a lot of bugs in EXT4 file system, so i decided to get the latest one for 2.6.31.x version. Why wouldn't i go straight to 2.6.32 which is newer or 2.6.33 which is the latest? Based on review, 2.6.32 suffers more EXT4 problems, so i decided to avoid it. While for 2.6.33, it's too early to use that (even though Slackware-Current has started to use it for the default kernel stock currently). I will wait until -Stable release has been released by Greg.

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