Thursday, March 11, 2010

English Language

Since few semester ago, i started to change how i make my material. I started to use English language instead of Indonesian for my material. There were several reason to do this:
  1. Some statement will lost it's meaning or become ambiguous when translated to Indonesian
  2. English phrases are often shorter than Indonesian
  3. To practice English (for me and for the students)
Some students didn't have problem with this, but the rest complained at the end of the semester when they were asked to give feedback about how a lecturer taught for the whole semester.

I'm a little bit surprised to see that they were having problems with English language, even though it's being used in most of the textbooks that are used in the class and also they had some basic English training since high school (or even elementary school now held an English or Chinese class). I don't want them to get spoiled, so i asked them to read the English version (the original version, not the translated version), since sometimes first problem did appeared when we used the translated version.

Come on guys/gals... you are a college students, no longer a six years kids anymore. Grow up and be realistics. If you can't even learn English, how will you survive in the real world where language become a critical element of success?


  1. I agree. It is really a necessity to know English language.

  2. think we are incomplete without English now. It is a must to know English.