Monday, June 28, 2010

Bad Service

Today i went to a restaurant which is famous of it's pizza product. It's not Pizza Hut, but far smaller than PH. My friend said their taste was unique and delicious, so i tried it for the second time (i have been there but it's been so long since my last visit).

I reached there around 6.30 PM and i ordered three menus. Our drink order was out in just a moment, so i have no complaints about it. What i'm complaining was the waiting time for the main menus to get out. It took them about one hour to make it and i guess it would have been longer if we didn't complaint to them. Even Pizza Hut at their peak load will take at most 15 minutes. What's worse, they don't give any fork and knife to eat with and also no plates Angry. I don't think it's worthed with the price i had to pay with the service that i got. I must say that i was really disappointed with their service. I will never go there again in the future.