Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Disappointment to Empire XXI

I ordered a premiere tickets of Eclipse, the third book of Twilight Saga using my students' account since my balance wasn't enough to buy for the tickets. I was planning to reload the balance today just before we took the tickets (the same goes with my students, since his balance was already 0 as well). We ordered for the 5.20 PM show and i got there around 4.50 PM because i wanted to do the reload process as well.

Since i already bought the tickets using M-Tix (mobile ticketing service which allows members to buy early tickets in the morning), i only need to take the tickets at the counters without having to stand in the queue. But what happened when i got there? I had to stood in the queue just because there were no separation for those who will take the tickets (M-Tix users), people who wanted to do a balance reload and people who wanted to subscribe to the M-Tix service. There were only two people that serve the M-Tix, one for new registration (it will take around 5-10 minutes per person per registration) and another one for reload process and ticket pick up (ticket pickups will require just 1-2 minutes, while the reload process might take up to 3-4 minutes per person). What makes it worse is that they only give limited time to register for M-Tix and do the reload process, which only three hours a day (3 - 6 PM) and only on Monday until Friday. Can you imagine how long will it take when about 20 people are standing in two lines waiting to get to the counter desk?

We asked the other officer standing near us and they didn't give us any solutions. They pointed that we can go to the counter and asked for our tickets just because we already bought the tickets. That's not the correct solution, as people would yell at us because we are taking their position. He said that they are lacking of resources to do the job. I'm not convinced with their answer, since they can put one more people to serve for people who just need to take their tickets. What he/she needs to do is ask for the booking code, look for it in the list and give the tickets to the people. Is that very hard to do? I saw there were many male officer in the office and they didn't do anything. It's just so unefficient.

In the end, we had to wait for more than 30 minutes just to take our tickets which we have bought since morning. Luckily, the movie hasn't started yet when we entered the studio where the movie was played. It would be a disaster when it really happened.

So, here are my advice for Empire XXI management:
  • Give different queue line and also markers for people who wanted to take their tickets, reload and register for M-Tix service. It will make the process faster and more efficient. It's very confusing without any markers. You can make use of your staff to do the job. You don't have to hire more people. Just use one of your male staff. You have plenty of idle staffs there.
  • Give more time option for people to do the reload process. There's only one movie theather in Jogja which has M-Tix service and three hours a day and 5 days a week is not enough i guess when people have to stand in the same line to do most of the process.
  • Use kiosk machine to print the tickets for M-Tix users. This is what the advertisement displayed on every studio when the movie was about to play, but in reality it only appears in Jakarta. In Jogja, we had to stand in a line to get our tickets.
  • In short, you should give more added value to M-Tix users who have deposited their money. We already bought the tickets and the balanced has been reduced since morning, but do we still have to wait to get our tickets?
Actually i still have other disappointment, but i don't think there's nothing we can do about it. It's about the parking slot. I wonder why didn't they built a basement parking slot? I think the number of cars can be parked inside XXI building is very limited.

Oh well, i hope the XXI management sees this blog post and they can find a solution for this problem. I think it's not just me who have a disappointment towards how Empire XXI threats their M-Tix users.

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