Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy 9th Anniversary

Exactly nine years ago, my girlfriend accepted me as her boyfriend at Kotabaru Church after i waited for about one year (that was her requirements because she didn't want to go out with anybody at that time and she was testing whether i am a loyal person or not). I passed the test and she become my girlfriend ever since Yahoo

In this nine years, so many problems that we encountered, but we managed to solve most of it. We also knows each other better than it used to be and we are happy with our progress so far. Our family has known each other and my family has proposed to her early this year.

Tonight i had a dinner to celebrate our 9th anniversary and we were satisfied with the service at the restaurant. I'm glad to be able to present her a good environment at the restaurants. I'm happy when she smiles at me. She's so cute when she smiles and caused my heart to beat faster Heart Beat

Happy Anniversary my Heart kiss love struck big hug

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