Sunday, July 25, 2010

Watching Inception

Today, i am watching Inception with my girlfriend at Cinema 21 (Amplaz) so that we can use one free ticket by using BCA card. It's been some time since i last watched a movie in Cinema 21 and here i am again.

Before i watched this movie, i had a doubt, since some people said it was a confusing movie and some people were bored of watching it, but after i finished watching it, i found it fascinating. The director has planned it very detail and smooth. The have thought about the time difference, timing, planning, and the risk as well. All of them are combined with special effect matrix-like and of course bomb, explotions, and sort things (it's Western movie after all and they are famous of creating explotions effects).

At first, i found it a little bit confusing, since it's kinda flashback movie, but after that, i finally get the idea and enjoy the movie until the end of it.

For those who still don't understand the levels of dream in Inception, take a look at the chart below and hopefully you get the idea


  1. the system should be like this:

    If you die in Lv4 dream, you go to Lv3 dream, you die in Lv3 dream, you go to Lv2 dream, and if you die in Lv2 dream, you go to your reality (consciousness)...

    but in the end, saito and fischer jr die in lv.4 dream, and they go to their Lv5 dream... hw come???

  2. plus... if you don't die in any level of your dreams before the time is running out, you should be trapped in certain dream level of yours. And that's your limbo.. how come the time has runnin out, and still they come out of the limbo? It doesn't make any sense..

    But the story idea is unique and very good indeed... there's no movie idea like this one indeed...

  3. no, Saito and Fisher Jr. was not dead yet actually. They need to buy more time by going to Lv 5 because Mal almost killed Fisher Jr in level 4. If Fisher is alive in Level 5, so does he in Level 4. That's the reason why Cobb goes into Level 5.

    About Saito, he was already trapped in level 4, but he managed to bring him back by going to his place where he has been waiting until he grew old. Then they killed themself and got out of level 4, 3, 2, and then goes back to level 1

  4. Remember, time in deeper level of dream becomes longer, so 1 sec in 2nd level might be 1 hour in 3rd and so on

  5. I gues, it depends on our interpretation of the movie in the first place. Dream vs logic wouldn't make the same result. I've been searching all over the inet, and most of the people watching this movie said that Saito is DEAD in his 4th lv dream, and go to his limbo...

    The plot has to be wake up to his 3rd lvl dream, and so he's dying and dead in his 3rd lvl, goes to 2nd lvl, die in 2nd level, and have his own consciousness...

  6. and.... the most important... You can't go to the next dream level without the silver case right? How come saito and fisher go to their 5th lvl without the case?

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  8. Well, once again... i think the answer will much more to the audience imagination... each of us has our own interpretation of the movie in the first place, so there wouldn't be any exact explanation, everyone has their own interpretation i guess..

    But once again, i've been searchin all over the inet, and most people said that saito's dead on his 4th lvl dream...

    for example.. this link:

    and also in IMDB, these are what they say:

    "Saito died in level 3 (ice) and it was his death that sent him to limbo"

    here's the link:

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  10. so... saito died n 4th lvl (ice), or 3rd lvl in IMDB (still ice) right? or maybe IMDB people are wrong?
    Sorry bout the previous comment, i deleted it, coz there waz some wrong link...

  11. Saito was imprisoned by Mal since he was shot at previous level (that's why he grows old at the beginning of the movie), but finally Cobb can free him from Limbo when he finally let Mal die and he is freed from all levels as well

    IMDB is correct :)

  12. the Inception's rule or the system should be like this:

    1.You have to use the silver case (whatever the name is) to go to your dream with all the people connected to your dream, whatever the dream level is. If you're in the 2nd dream level, and you want to go to 3rd dream level, you have to use the silver case and so on.

    2. In the 1st level dream, you don't have to die to wake up, if the silver case's drug dose has reach the limit, you can wake up. If you are a master, you can make your own dream, and make the exit point to your consciousness.. (like the lift in the Cobb's dream) these are the 1st level dream rules.

    3. In the next dream level, you have to die to wake up back to your previous dream level.

    That's the "DREAM LEVEL RULES" in inception right?

    So, if it is right that Saito die in 4th lv (snow fortress), how come he can go to his 5th level? How come they don't wake up, back to their 3rd lvl (the hotel)...

    Yeap i do understand that time in deeper level of dream becomes longer, but the rules are... if you die in your next level dream, you will straightly back to wake in your previous level dream... right? So.. how come they die and goes to their next level dream?

    I really curious...

  13. Hmmm... Mal is Cobb's unsubconscious, so there's no one imprisoned Saito. Hahaha, i've just got an explanation by reading IMDB to... i think you have just realise it to Willy, hahaha... since you've said previously that saito doesn't die in 4th level... hahahaa...

    So, Saito make his own dream and enter his own limbo when the first time he was shot at previous level. And Saito in the next level are the subconscious of the next level dreamer. Yeah, i see a lil'bit clear now.. thanks to IMDB...

    So the died Saito in 4th level (snow fortress) is not really Saito in his next dream level. He's just Eames (the forer)'s imagination...

  14. Yeah... problem solved!!!! thanks to IMDB and Willy's blog.... hahahaha...

  15. Saito was killed by Mal, so in order to rescue him, Cobb entered Limbo (his shared state with Mal) hoping to free Saito from Limbo. He managed to do that after he found Saito on level 5 and then he brought it back to level 4. He died in level 4 due to being shot, and goes back to level 3, 2, and back to consiousness

    If all of them are being told, the movie would ended more than 2 hours

  16. Oh no... wrong interpretation... i've just got it from my discussion with my bikers friend, hahaha... saito did died in 4th level... but since the sedative in the real world hasn't reach it's limit, Saito keep going into his next level...

    Since in the 1st level (van chase), Saito is dying, and some told Eames to shoot Saito, and then Cobb said that if you shoot saito, then he will go to his limbo, because when saito dead in his 1st level dream (van chase), but in reality Saito has not wake up, Saito will surely go to his Limbo... that's the really explanation why Saito goes to his 5th level (limbo) when he died in 4th level... because the sedative is still working in his reality... hahahaha.... that's more like it, so IMDB is a lil bit wrong i gues...

  17. Yeap, Saito died in 4th level, because the sedative in his reality hasn't come to it's limit, Saito keep going into his next level, Limbo..

    Fisher also died in 4th level, same things happen to fisher, because the sedative in his reality hasn't come to it's limit, Fisher keep going into his next level, Limbo..

    First, Cobb came to rescue Fisher, then he wake up to his previous dream, and plug the silver case to Saito. During the time Cobb rescue Fisher, Saito's growing old in his own Limbo...

    When Cobb finds Saito, Saitos's growing old in his limbo.

    But Willy, i think that the ending is much more complicated than your opinion. There's still possibility, that the end scene is still in Cobb's Limbo, because Cobb's totem's still spinning at the end of the movie.. haha... so, there's still might be some possibility of different endings...