Sunday, July 25, 2010

Watching Inception

Today, i am watching Inception with my girlfriend at Cinema 21 (Amplaz) so that we can use one free ticket by using BCA card. It's been some time since i last watched a movie in Cinema 21 and here i am again.

Before i watched this movie, i had a doubt, since some people said it was a confusing movie and some people were bored of watching it, but after i finished watching it, i found it fascinating. The director has planned it very detail and smooth. The have thought about the time difference, timing, planning, and the risk as well. All of them are combined with special effect matrix-like and of course bomb, explotions, and sort things (it's Western movie after all and they are famous of creating explotions effects).

At first, i found it a little bit confusing, since it's kinda flashback movie, but after that, i finally get the idea and enjoy the movie until the end of it.

For those who still don't understand the levels of dream in Inception, take a look at the chart below and hopefully you get the idea