Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Today is probably the last day i can meet Andre since the day after tomorrow he will go back to USA after spending about three weeks in Indonesia. So tonight we decided to have dinner at Papindo, one of our common places where we used to hangout in the past. We also met Danang and Mark's friends there too.

After that, we went to InulVista, a new karaoke place in Jogja around Ring Road. We took two hours package and spent a great time there singing and listening to others Music. We left the place at around 11.30 PM and after i sent my girlfriend to her house, i came back to my house and upload the photos taken at the place and upload the videos as well.

I noticed that Facebook's photo uploader now works much faster than before, but unfortunately it doesn't have any feature to manipulate the photos again after being uploaded. I miss the rotate feature that existed in the previous version where we can choose to rotate the picture prior uploading the photos. Right now, users will have to make sure the photos are ready to be published when it has been uploaded. But i like the speed of the new uploader. It's blazingly fast compared to the old one.

I don't know whether we can meet each other again for tomorrrow or not, but even if can't we can still keep in touch thanks to Skype or email. What a wonderful night today. I'm so glad i can enjoy the night with you guys and gals Yahoo