Sunday, July 04, 2010

Another Great Day

Today is another great day with my friends. At morning, we supposed to go to Church together, but at the end, only i went to the Church, since my friends collapsed since they played an online game until 5 AM and slept until 10 AM Doh (i have thought about this but never imagined it would truly happened. So deja vu). Oh well, our weekend should go on i thought.

One hour later, we were ready to go to Kaliurang to have lunch there at Pak Parto, our usual restaurant when we go to Kaliurang. One of our friend, Joko finally decided to come along as his girlfriend's business was already finished so that they could join us back then. We ate until 1.30 PM and then we went to Andre's guest house in Kaliurang where we spent so much time there chatting, eating, and playing with Andre's horse, Manis. There were so many funny and silly things happened back then in Kaliurang, mostly when Manis was trying to play with most of us, but we were rather terrified after we saw what she (it's a female horse) has done to Cing and Andre. She even took Andre's lips and kiss himlmao One of our friend took a video of the event. I hope he will upload it to Facebook later on Evil Grin. I didn't know what are Cing's feeling when she found out about this Thinking

We left Kaliurang around 6.30 PM and went to Amplaz to have dinner there. We didn't spend so much time in Amplaz so we only took some time to go around, since it was late already and we already spent almost 10 hours today, so we decided to go home after that. After dropping Cing and her sister at their house, we went to Andre's house to have a little chat and decide what's our plan for tomorrow. Yes, we are planning to go somewhere again tomorrow Rolling

I took my girlfriend to her house and go back and write this post. After this, i have to prepare for tomorrow's material and make sure everything is under control Gym

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