Friday, July 02, 2010

Congratulations to Andre and Cynthia

Today, one of my best friend, Andre had his engagement with his girlfriend, Cynthia, or Cing as we called her. They had their engagement party at noon, but we had our dinner and also small reunion (because not all of our members can make it today) at night. This is also my first time meeting her even though we have chatted before via YM and also Skype since they both lived in US right now.

We had our dinner together at Serayu restaurant at Quality Hotel because we wanted to find a nice place to have a chat and dinner. It was a great time back then to chat with them until we missed out the time. When i looked at my mobile phone, the time was already 10 PM, which was the closing time for the restaurant, so we decided to leave the restaurant (the waiter already waiting for us actually and the air conditioner has been turned off) lmao

We planned to go out again tomorrow night and also on Sunday. We should have a good time as we might not be able to meet again in another year i guess, since they won't be have so much free time to go back to Indonesia as they like.

Anyway, congratulations to both of Andre and Cing thumbs up