Saturday, July 03, 2010

Upgrading E71 Firmware

Last night, after we had our party, suddenly, my memory card for my E71 wasn't recognized by the phone. My friend suggested that i had a soft reset by executing factory setting action which is already included on the phone menus. It didn't work out, so my girlfriend told me to take the memory card out and leave it for a few minutes before plug it again. It works Banana Rock Thanks to my girlfriend Girl Kiss Worship

After that, i realized that it has been some time since my last backup to my phone's content, so at night, after i came back to my house, i start up my VMWare and load Windows image since i don't have a native Windows installation on my computer. I installed the latest version of Nokia PC Suite and downloaded the latest firmware for E71 (410.21.010). Actually i have wanted to install the latest version after i saw the announcement few days ago, but i didn't have any strong reason to do that because upgrading firmware means that all of my application will be gone and i have to reconfigure everything again from scratch. That's why i avoid it, but since there's a problem with it and i have done a soft reset, i'm thinking, "Why not now?"

So i decided to do a full backup of my memory card first and then turn the phone off to remove the memory card so the process will be quite faster (my first upgrade process took so long because the memory card was still on the phone at that time). I had to wait for about 20 minutes to download the latest firmware after the upgrade process started and the upgrade process itself only took about 5-6 minutes. It's so fast actually. After that, the phone restarted and voila.... it's upgraded Yahoo

The last step is to plug the memory card back and restore the content from the backup archive. Luckily, i didn't have to install too much appliations after the restoration process and i have updated the packages i have on my phone to the latest one.

Right now, it's running the latest version of E71's firmware and hopefully no more problem again. For preventive action, i will do a full backup again this morning Goodluck

The changelog for the newest firmware can be seen on SymbianWorld

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