Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ODF Become National Format?

What a surprising news. ODF will soon become a mandatory format for all government documents. I have posted this since a year ago and two years ago, but finally it will come true. Right now, the Indonesian government is trying to migrate all computers in the governmental level to use Open Source to reduce it's spending just to buy licenses for Windows and many other Microsoft products (mostly Microsoft Office). When that target has been completed (estimated 2011), they will follow with standarizing the national format to use ODF.

Malaysia has started this move since 2006, and others have gone before Malaysia, but finally Indonesia will use ODF as national format in 2011 Goodluck. For now, ODF has been proposed to Indonesian National Standarization in order to become a national format.

For now, the best application that has the best compatibility with the latest ODF spesification is They keep working to make their product produce ODF-conformance documents. Other applications are working towards the same goal and i believe they are making good progress to meet ODF standards.

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  1. Finally, lets hope the program will be success. Next move? May be "All Open Source" movement. Like this