Saturday, July 03, 2010

Yahoo/Plurk Emoticons Updated

I have uploaded an updated version of my Yahoo/Plurk emoticons for Blogger on my shared account. Basically i only added some new hidden emoticons which were previously added to Plurk, which relates to World Cup 2010, like the famous colorful vuvuzela emoticons, goal emoticon, and also dance emoticon holding vuvuzela like this one Dance Vuvuzela

There are some hidden emoticons which are not included since the timing was not correct, since it's Christmas-related emoticons. So i will skip those and probably i will add it when Christmas is near. Below is the screenshot of the latest one on Blogspot editor (it will not work on newer editor, so please use the old one or you will miss this emoticons)

Instructions on how to use these script can be seen on my previous post which i wrote on 2009.

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