Wednesday, July 21, 2010

phpBB 3.1 Feature Freeze

After a long development, future phpBB 3.1 that will be called Ascraeus is now on Feature Freeze phase, which will freeze the development of new feature and focusing on stability of the release before the final version will be released.

Below are the status of features and improvements in phpBB 3.1:


Patch in progress:

RFC only:

  • Migrations (UMIL) RFC Ticket Data Providers RFC
  • Changing IP banning to use ‘longest prefix matching’ RFC Ticket
  • Ability to delete auto login keys RFC Ticket
  • Authentication Plugin Refactoring, User Integration & OpenID RFC Ticket
  • Session Backend Abstraction (memcache support) RFC Ticket
  • Search Backend Refactoring RFC Ticket
  • Pre-Compile Template Includes RFC
  • Overridable imageset and theme paths for CDNs RFC

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