Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finished Watching 1% of Anything

I have just finished watching 1 Percent of Anything, an old Korean drama which was airing on 2003. I downloaded few months ago, but i only have time lately to finish watching it. At first, i thought it would be a boring movie as the first few episodes was quite boring, but eventually it changes gradually and i enjoyed it. The total episodes are 26 Evil Grin, normal number of episodes for Korean. Usually Chinese dramas have more than 40 episodes and sometimes 50.

At the end, i gives a very special moral message to the viewer. Even though we only have 1% of chance, we should make use of it as it can change everything.

For those wanted to download the movies, you can have a look in SilentRegrets.

I still have several other movies waiting on my watch list which i haven't had a chance to watch, but i guess that would have to wait a little bit longer as regular semester starts very soon, so i think i should hold on to that and prepare for next semester Gym

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