Friday, July 16, 2010

Singapore Flood

I found this video on my Echofon, it's very hilarious. It's talking about the flood that attacked Singapore few weeks ago. Mr Brown make a new lyrics based on FIFA's World Cup song and release it as a new The Wave Song


  1. The Government knows whats best, whether it be the barrage or replacing all the grass areas of orchard with buildings not providing natural drainage, they will provide a perfect excuse to explain the problem.

  2. What the F....reak!!! First Freak Flood, Freak Accident involving trailer and Singapore Bus in the city!!!, Freak Buses and Lorries overturn!! Taxi Crashes. Freaky attack in Sims Drive and yet no Freaky Arrest yet!! What is going on in Singapore! Freaky handcuff on photographer....should not they be handcuffing the guys who chop the innocent students in Sims Drive. Now it is too expensive to have drains to stop floods, when will we hear it is also too expensive to maintian law and order. Its becoming very freakky!!!