Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Access Point

Yesterday, i bought a new wireless home router, D-Link DIR 600 so that i can have a better mobility access on my house. It was cheap enough with all the features that the device has. Actually i didn't plan to buy the device, but while i'm accompanying my colleague to buy UPS, i saw the device and since it was considered quite affordable, i decided to buy it.

This morning, i tried to set up the wireless network and under than five minutes, i managed to set it up. Most of the time spent of unpacking the device, removing the seal, unwrap the cables, and do the preparations. When it comes to the setup, i only need to define as DHCP and set the SSID and the WPA2 Keys and that's it. It started to work instantly.

I can work more mobile now Banana Rock


  1. I have an ipod which i purchased just 8 months back. But when gone through the latest reviews, there are very many options and advanced models. Can I upgrade my ipodnano to the present standards?

  2. I live in Trakai and it seems these aren't available here. It's good to know how simple it is to get it working, though.