Monday, July 12, 2010

Despicable Me

I have just returned from Empire XXI watching Despicable Me in 3D with my girlfriend and her niece. It was a very funny movie and it has a fascinating 3D effects, unlike Toy Story 3 which lacked of the 3D effects. Even though i'm actually very tired today, because i have three classes today and i lack of sleep due to watched the World Cup final between Spain and Dutch, i think it's worthed to see this movie today as i have to leave to Tawangmangu tomorrow.

This movie is all about a villain whose name is Gru and he wanted to become the world's best villain by stealing the moon and he met a rival called Vector who turned out to be the son of the bank owner in which Gru is trying to loan some money from. At the end, there were three children who could turned Gru's life into a good parents for them (they were orphaned kids who are being adopted by Gru). It's very touching and funny movie. I would recommend you to see this movie in 3D. Believe me, it's worthed to pay for the price in 3D rather than in normal mode.

The 3D effect is so real in this movie. I could see the ticket flying towards me when Gru was in the moon. I'm very pleased with the movie, since i was kinda disappointed with Toy Story 3. It supposed to give first experience, but it turned out to be very disappointing for most of the viewers i guess.

I would give this movie 9.5 out of 10 Applause