Friday, July 02, 2010

Opera 10.60 Released

When i arrived at my office today, i upgraded my old laptop that uses Ubuntu as the primary and the only operating systems since there was a huge updates yesterday. I saw that there are Opera updates and it surprises me as Opera 10.60 has been officially launched yesterday and it was already on the Opera's repository today.

I tried the new Opera (i was using Opera to write this blog post actually) and i found the UI has changed quite a lot compared to 10.11 (the previous version available for Linux). It has one main icon called Menu on the top left and it serves as the main shortcut for the rest of the sub menus inside.

I also tested the javascript feature by visiting Acid3 Test and i found the result is 100% and the transition is very smooth. Congratulations to Opera team to achieve this results. I believe others will surely follows them.

For first impression about Opera 10.60, i am willing to rate it 9/10.

Update (10:44 AM): It seems that the latest Google Chrome Beta 5.0.375.99 is slightly faster than Opera to render the Acid3 Test. Kudos to Google Chrome. I haven't tested on Safari yet as they don't have any Linux release.

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