Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Damn Vulnerable Linux

Usually, people use Linux to have more secure operating system since it's more resistance to Virus/Worms attack, but not for DVL (Damn Vulnerable Linux). This Linux distribution is developed to be as vulnerable as possible, so that people can use this distribution to learn about security vulnerabilities, such as SQL Injection, Buffer Overflow, Reverse Code Engineering, Web Exploitation, and many more. It's unique Linux distribution actually.

Actually, one of Indonesian people have done this before. His name is I Made Sathyabudi Adnyana who created targeT Linux. It's based on Slackware which is famous of the stability. Taken from the official website:
targeT Linux is a linux distribution that same with the name is especially as hacking target. This linux distribution can run directly from CDROM as live CD or from USB disk as Live USB.

I'm planning to use this Linux distribution for my next CEH classes Big Boss

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