Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Project Management Class

Today is my first day of teaching in short semester. There will be two classes that i will teach, which are Operating Systems and Principle of Project Management and Quality Assurance. The OS class will start at second block, which will start on July, while the PM and QA class started today and it will last until July as well.

I have been playing with PM and QA thing during my role as a software engineer in Jakarta few years ago. I had some experience of dealing with project management for a while and i'm using this experience in sync with Kathy Schwalbe's book of Information Technology Project Management which shows about the application of PM in IT field. I find it very interesting and fun to be able to teach this class. This is a dual degree program, and i might be teaching it again on next regular semester as well, so let's just think of it as a warm up class Yahoo

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