Monday, June 14, 2010

Extending Passport

My passport is about to expire soon, so in order to prevent unwanted condition, i decided to extend my passport today. The procedures has been slightly changed since my last extension and i think it's getting better even though it can be improved a little bit more.

Now, you need to bring your authentic papers, not the copy of it. They will verify your papers on the site and they will return it to you when they are finished with it. I didn't know about this, so i had to go back to fetch my papers again and go there again. Also, they now uses a queue system, not by FIFO principle any more. We had to took a number when we entered the building and then wait for being called by the officer.

The rate which has to be paid is also slightly decreased. If i'm not mistaken (since i haven't made any payment), it will cost me about IDR 300.000 to have a new 48 pages passport. In the past, i think it will cost me more than IDR 400.00 - 500.000 to have the same page as nowadays.

The details are:
- IDR 7.000 for application form
- IDR 270.000 for 48 pages passport (150.000 for 24 pages passport)
- IDR 15.000 for fingerprints (i don't know why they charge for this kind of service)
- IDR 2.000 for parking rate lmao

The process are a little bit slow i guess. It will take two days before they will ask you to come again and take a photo for your passport and having an interview and then you will have to come in another two days before you can retrieve your new/extended passport. In the past, we only have to come twice, but now we have to come three times before we can get our newly passport.

Oh well, i think they can still be improved in the next five years Gym

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  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Your this post remembered me to apply for passport. For many days I was thinking to apply for it, but forgotten every time.