Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cutting Hair

Today, i accompanied my mother and my girlfriend to cut their hair at the barber shop near my office. I bet, that was the longest waiting time i have ever took. I got there around 2.35 and i got out of there by 5.30 Doh I even slept there for some time (i didn't recall the time, but i think it's more than 30 minutes Sky)

They had a strange queue system. Even though we have booked via phone, they will end up using FIFO method, so whoever gets there first will be served and for one person, it might take about 45-60 minutes to finish, even though it's only a simple cut. I know the barber is a great guy. He was a famous barber and my mother like his performance because he is very precise and detail.

Since he already worked since morning, at the end, my mother didn't have a chance to get her hair cut by the barber. What a waste of time. Unfortunately, my girlfriend had a chance and she is getting prettier than before Yahoo

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